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About Diana

About Diana Lipford 

As a business owner in the arts industry, it's important to communicate to my clients the difference between someone who pushes a shutter button on a camera and someone who cares about doing meaningful work. I strive to be the latter.  

Every life and love  has a unique story.  Every story deserves to be preserved truthfully, uniquely, and artistically.  Preserved in a documentary fashion, candid style, and with beautiful portraits...

I consider photography to be an art form.  I am not a "box studio".  I put my creativity along with years of studying and technical knowledge into each and every session.  I value quality over quantity, and my goal is to produce beautiful prints that are just as timeless as the memories they hold. 

I am a lover of all things sentimental, and fell in love with photography years ago while looking through my grandmothers boxes of pictures and family albums.  I place a value on photographic prints that far surpasses any dollar amount, and I understand that one day all we will have left are our memories... and our photographs. 

I have been a featured photographer on In Beauty and Chaos, and I have had my work featured in Modern Teen Style Magazine, and on blogs such as The Monochromatic LensDistorted Beauty, and The Thrifty Tog Blog.